Audio MP3 Transcription: (Multilingual)

MP3 Transcription services are offered for digital audio files consisting of speeches that are recorded on a computer or a stand-alone MP3 recorder, the recordings could be of any audio on the internet with an MP3 format, and these can be uploaded on our FTP for getting an accurate conversion of audio-to--text…

Specializations of our transcription services:


  • Business Transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures)
  • Market Research (focus groups, interviews, meetings)
  • Interview Transcriptions (one-on-one and multi-speaker)
  • Academic Transcription services (lectures, seminars, conferences, interviews)
  • Legal Transcriptions (depositions, hearings)
  • Medical Transcription services


Our experienced transcriptionists and information technology professionals are committed to error-free transcription and trouble-free process.